Our Services are focused on empowering our clients to make decisions about their future.

Our services include financial planning and investment portfolio management. We are very passionate about financial planning and what it can do for a client's future success. We keenly listen to our clients and internalize their aspirations and challenges. In the planning process, we also evaluate scenarios that may adversely impact their future goals and provide contingency plans.

At Trillium Square Advisors LLC, our mission is to identify how our clients can fulfill their needs and desires. Our role is that of a mentor and coach, empowering our clients with information, tools and analytics so they can make their own financial decisions confidently. We are their guide advising them on the pros and cons of a decision they are about to make.

We want to hear your story and get to know you. We also want to understand your current situation and the burning questions you have so we can best help you. We fully support your need to be in control of your life and finances. We are on your side and will guide you along your journey.

We are a registered investment adviser (RIA) in the State of North Carolina. We have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients. This is the highest legal standard of care one party can have to another. We are an independent RIA firm which means we only work for our clients, and not for any brokerage firm. Our fees are very transparent and you can find them in our Form ADV which is included in the Resources section of this website.

We follow a 10 point financial success analysis in our planning process.

1. Cash Flow From Incomes and Expenses

We carefully look at all the income you are making from all your sources, be it via an employment, dividends, rental properties or a business. We also look at your expenses, monthly, yearly and one off expenses such as a car you may buy every decade or more frequently. This helps us put together a picture of all your inflows and outflows and hone in on the amount you are able to save year on year. This also uncovers any cash flow issues and surfaces where that issue is coming from.

2. Debt Payoff Roadmap

Whether it be a mortgage loan or a credit card balance or even a student loan you borrowed from your uncle, we look at all your outstanding debt and come up with an optimal payoff roadmap.

3. Retirement Readiness

Whether you have just started your career in your 20s or if you are in your 50s thinking about the upcoming retirement in about a decade, it always helps to know how much you need to save for retirement starting now. We look at you financial situation, your assets in retirement account and assess how ready you are for your retirement. If you need to make any adjustments in your savings rate in your 401k or other retirement accounts, we will make those recommendations.

4. Tax Efficiency

We want to make your assets work as hard for you as possible. One of the important ways to do this is by understanding the taxability of growth and income in each type of account you hold. Retirement accounts such as IRA accounts and 401k accounts provide you with tax deferral so you can maximize your income within those accounts. Brokerage account while is taxable year or year is taxed on capital gains for long term capital gains. The difference in the tax rate for capital gains versus ordinary income gives rise to an optimization that will allow you to make more by allocating certain assets to certain accounts. This is what we offer our clients.

5. Goal Orientation

We believe each one of us is unique and have our own contribution to make to this world. As such, your goals are going to be unique and we want to assist you in fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. We want to learn more about you and understand your goals and aspirations deeply. This way, we can make your goals a part of the financial planning process and ensure they get the attention they deserve.

6. Insurance Coverage

Being prepared for the unexpected is the hallmark of great planning. We will work with you to identify potential risks to your financial well being and will evaluate the necessary insurance you may need to consider. This includes life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, etc.

7. Estate Protection

We want to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. We will review any Will document that you have, any Trust setups that you already have. We want to estimate if your assets breach the limits of Lifetime Gifting Tax either now or in the future. We will collaborate with an Estate Planning Attorney of your choice on structuring, funding and managing Trusts. We can also guide family members through availing the benefits of such Trusts.

8. College Education Planning

One effective way to save your hard earned money is by saving them in college savings funds for your kids. These savings have certain tax benefits. Typically, college funding needs come earlier than your retirement needs. It is essential to set aside some savings every month to build up the necessary college funds for your kids. You may start as early as in your 20s or 30s towards this goal.

9. Executive Compensation Analysis

If you are an executive and receive incentive compensation such as stock options, awards, bonuses, we can work with you to get the most out of these benefits. Understanding the efficiency in realizing the gains from these incentive compensation is key to how you build wealth. We can employ tax strategies that help smooth out tax liabilities and risk management strategies that mitigate market risk. You may also be able to avail deferred compensation to help smooth out your take home pay and reduce tax liability. We consider these and a few other aspects for executives.

10. Business Financials Analysis for Tax Planning

Running your own business is very rewarding both from a personal satisfaction stand point as well as from a financial stand point. While there are multitudes of decisions to make, running your own business also gives you the flexibility to avail many of the tax incentives to your advantage. Whether it is tax write off through QBI or tax deferral via a retirement plan, we can assist you in putting together the right solution. We also look at advanced tax optimization strategies such as Non-qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) and Captive Insurance where appropriate.

Investments Management

We obsess over learning and understanding markets and how various investment strategies work in different market regimes. We do not have a one-size-fits-all strategy for all our clients. We care about our clients and want to learn their preferences for various asset classes. We even have some clients who prefer not use equities in their investments, they consider it too risky. We tailor the investment strategy to fit the clients' risk tolerance, ability to take risk, their preferences and their vision for their future.

Below are some of the top investment strategies we incorporate in client portfolios.

Goal Horizon

Investment Strategy

Taxable Brokerage Account

Qualified or IRA Accounts

Long Term Balanced and diversified portfolios Classical Asset Allocation Dynamic Asset Allocation
Long Term Custom or Direct Indexing with Tax Loss Harvesting YES N/A
Long Term Discretionary Stock Picking YES (no short sales and long hold periods) YES (no short sales and long hold periods)
Long Term Alternative Investments - Private Funds YES YES
Long Term Opportunity Zone Funds for Tax Advantaged Capital Gains investments* YES N/A
Short Term Short Term Income Generation or Capital Preservation Dynamic Income Generation Allocation N/A
Short Term Equity Linked Structured Notes YES No
Term Agnostic Tactical Sector Allocation YES (long / short ETFs) YES (long only ETFs)
Term Agnostic Quantitative Stock Picking* YES (long / short equities) YES (long only equities)
Term Agnostic Equity Options Trading for Long Volatility Strategy* YES NO
* Available only for qualified investors and performance fee may apply

Our Engagement Process

Discovery Process

We care about your time and want to make the most of it. This virtual or in-person meeting helps us understand how we can best help you, allows you to get to know us better, and gives us the opportunity to make a collective decision to see if we’re a good fit for you moving forward.

Information Sourcing

Once you decide to begin working with us, we’ll start by setting up your profile. You’ll have access to our Advizr portal to share data with us, and we’ll communicate with you on documents and information needed as we create your plan.

Plan Design, Review & Discussion

After analyzing your plan, we’ll have an in-depth meeting to review your goals, assess your tolerance to financial markets risks and discuss your situations unique to you. We may meet with you multiple times to discuss various options as we finalize your plan. At that point, we will provide you with recommendations on opportunities to consider and risks to address.

Plan Implementation

The plan will outline the action steps for you. We will assist you in following through on these action items. If you plan to engage us with Asset Management, we’ll begin our custodian onboarding process to set up accounts, transfer appropriate holdings and implement changes we recommended during the planning phase.

Continuous Monitoring & Review

We regularly review your investments and you will receive communication throughout the year to keep you informed of opportunities and risks to address the events as they happen in the financial markets and your personal life.

For our Business clients, we also offer Workplace Solutions

You can learn more about our workplace solutions where we offer different kinds of retirement planning options for your employees.

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